Who’s Or What’s Driving You

Have you ever thought about what is driving you to do the thing or things you do? Whenever I get stuck doing things I would maybe rather not be doing, I ask myself ” Whats driving me to keep doing this?”. And this could be a behavior, idea/belief, job, hobby, eating habit, or just about anything you aren’t feeling that special about.

I always like to define the words I’m using because sometimes I’ve put a definition on a word that is totally off base.  So, what is a driver? The dictionary states a driver as; a person who drives a car or one that provides impulse or motivation. And driving is; the person or thing that causes or controls something or a communicating force.

So with that definition I’m now aware that the driver is what or who is in control. And with that in mind and with the awareness that what I’m doing isn’t bringing me either the pleasure or the results that I’m after. I must assume that it’s not really me doing the driving, some outside force is driving me to do something that isn’t bringing me what I want. If I’m not driving the car who is or “What or who is causing the impulse or motivation to keep me going down this path I’m not happy with?”.

What’s driving you is your belief system and that belief system sometimes doesn’t come from you, it came from the outside world, what we have heard, seen, or experienced as a child or adult. And the reason it feels so bad to keep doing it is because you know it’s not your truth, you know deep down in your soul there is a brighter truth, a true direction that you really want to be driving towards. Its your truth, not a lie told to you to control you as a child or a scare tactic told to you as an adult to get you to buy something or buy into something.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about. At some point in my life I bought into someone else’s idea that at a horse show everyone was going to be watching me and judging me on my talent and abilities to train, show and ride a horse. And this thought/belief was starting to affect the way I was showing horses. I was almost afraid to go do the thing I once loved doing because of the fear that was growing inside of me. This fear/belief was driving me. I was no longer in control of driving me. I had let someone else’s belief take over and start driving me around.

I felt awful trying to show my horse until one day at a horse show a little voice in my head said  “look up” and so I did and what I experienced wasn’t what that outside person had told me it was completely the opposite. No one not one person was even looking at me and in that moment I released I was living someone else’s story and I for sure had been letting someone else drive my car for me. I felt immediate relief and a space opened back up for me to believe in myself again. The fear was gone and I even checked it again as I was showing. The only one watching me was the judge (and I’m paying them to watch me) and everyone else was paying attention to themselves.

When you are feeling negative about something ask yourself “why” or “am I driving this car or is something/someone else driving this car”.  In the end you are the one responsible for driving the car so take control and stop paying for someone else’s ticket/belief.