Focusing on Life’s Little Pokes

The law of the universe states that what we focus on is what we will get more of. So lets put that idea into use for everyday life. This means that if I get out of bed in the morning stub my toe, spill my coffee or wake up late and I think, say or just feel “this day is going to suck” it will. Why because I just set it up with a negative thought or feeling, I just asked for it by putting my focus on it.

I could have just as easily put my focus back on something positive in those moments and that would look or sound like this. I stub my toe getting out of bed and I smile and say “sorry toe” and as I rub the hurt away I think to myself, that is probably trying to tell me something maybe I should slow down and enjoy my day. As I say that I have just set my intention and focus on having a day that I enjoy, a positive day. It’s easy and it sure feels better than the other negative intention.

The above example was of what might be called life’s little pokes. Life pokes at you (toe stubbing) to get you to pay attention to what is really happening in your life and how you are feeling about it. So while I don’t want to go down that negative road or feeling, I do want to pause long enough to ask life what I am pushing up against or ignoring. We sometimes get so busy in our lives that we forget to pause and really allow our souls to tell us how we are doing. And when we do that life will come a poking at us in the form of “hey, I’m trying to get your attention” a stubbed toe.

Sometimes life is just begging us to focus on something else, to do something else, to think something else, to be somewhere else, to be authentic to ourselves or maybe to find our true calling. This is the time to stop saying “I don’t have time for this” and to take the time to sit down and have a good conversation with yourself and that includes really listening. Stop ignoring what the universe is trying to tell you and focus on what it is telling you. Life always gets better when we start focusing on ourselves, our goals and our dreams. And I know from experience that I always stub my toe when I’m focused on the negative or the wishes of those around me.

Another way to look for life’s little pokes is to look for the things that make you angry, frustrated, worried, anxious, depressed or feeling negative. What are they, why are they happening and what are you going to do to change the feeling. I bolded you because these feelings are all yours and you are the only one who can change them. That’s right, take full responsibility and do the thing to change the focus and life will quit poking at you