Keep Your Head in the Game

What happens when we can’t stop thinking about the distractions that are going on around us in the arena? Maybe we lose the precious few minutes that we intended for improving our riding or training our horse. Or it could just alter our mood. It could be we just give up and leave.

The truth is most of the time people act like they have no control over their reaction to these distractions. When we have that thought process we become a victim to the outside world, but worse, we narrow the space we are allowing ourself to exist in.

What is your space? To me it’s the right you have to live the life you dream about, the right you have to set goals and go for them, the right you have to stay focused on yourself and your goals. When we focus on others we give them space… our space.  We can make their space expand and ours shrink by putting our energy into what they are doing. Don’t let others take you out of your game of life, don’t give others your space.

Find the strength and focus in yourself to not let anyone or anything take your space away from you. I know you are strong enough to do this, we all are but we sometimes forget how strong we are. We forget that we are making the choices about what we focus on. That’s right you can choose to ignore that outside stimulus and focus back onto what you came to the arena to do.

If you can learn to do this you will be ten steps ahead of everyone around you because most people don’t have this skill. Most people let any little thing take space away from them. A misbehaving horse, a loud person, someone giving you a look or even someone you don’t like in the same area as you can can take your focus off your task; and therefore, take your space away from you. That little moment of insecurity really does shrink your space and sometimes can make you give up on what you came to the arena to do. The fear takes control and you shrink back from it, thinking you have no options.

But you do have options… first take back your control, stop and think about your goal/dream, refocus and take your space back. Visualize the space around you expanding, open your chest up and lift your chin up, smile, breath, be grateful for the opportunity to do what you came to do.

How do you keep your head in the game?