Listening to Yourself With Empathy

What dream have you abandoned, left in a box, given up on or just plan haven’t taken the time to do? The more I talk to people the more I realize that most people have that one dream that they put on the back burner. And when questioned about it they light up, look younger, and you can just see this is the thing they should be doing. This dream is from the soul, it’s the one thing we are here on this earth to do. 

So why, why do we give up on that soul want? For some it was because of family that didn’t believe in them or their dream. For some it was a bump in the road, pregnancy or illness. Maybe it was something so big we didn’t have the funding to get it started. Maybe we don’t know how to listen to our soul, maybe we just listen to our heads. We got side tracked into thinking we needed to do something else. Or maybe we where just scared or lazy. But these things won’t last forever and our souls purpose will come knocking at our door again and maybe this time we will answer the door.

It’s at that point in life when we are finally forced to listen again to our souls dreams/soul purpose that we will feel some relief from the everyday grind that we have been calling life/living. We will feel hopeful and smile and maybe even set a goal towards that dream. Then,then the real decisions happen and we ask “What do I need to do to follow this dream?”

Most of the time the difference between those that don’t pursue their dreams and those that do is one simple thing my friends. Those that pursue their dreams get up every day and do something in the direction of their dreams. The only difference is getting up and doing something. Thats really all thats stopping you from living your dreams. 

Don’t let that dream die inside of you. Listen with empathy to it, commit to it, and then do just one thing a day towards it. If you are going to believe in something believe in your own dreams, believe in yourself. If you are going to focus on something focus on your own dreams, focus on yourself.  If you are going to do something, do somethings that takes you in the direction of your dream. 

That twinkle in your eye, it wants to live. It’s begging you to let it live.  Please listen with empathy to it, give it a chance, Give it Life.