First blog post

Hello, I’m Anne Sherwood the owner of Double Stitched Enterprises Inc. ( a equine training facility located in Powell Wyoming. I am also an AQHA Professional Horseman and an equestrian riding instructor at Northwest College in Powell Wyoming. I have been training horses for 40 plus years and giving riding lessons for 27 plus years. Wow that makes me sound old but really that just means I have a lot of experience ;).

My main job at Northwest College has been to teach students how to be better riders and to train horses. The knowledge I gained over the years doing this job seems to just want to boil out of me… I feel like I need to share my ideas and experiences with whomever wants to listen. So that’s my idea for this blog explore teaching and training, share ideas and thoughts. If you have a question or topic you want to hear about please let me know.